Hitex Robot Handtuft AB
Nissavägen 5
SE-376 36 Svängsta
Tel: +46 454 337 30
Fax +46 454 322 850

Hitex Robot Handtuft offers you a state of the art equipment for your handtufted carpets & rugs. All Hitex products are developed and tested in Sweden. Hitex only use the best materials and the latest technology to create a top modern production unit for handtufted products. All robots are individually designed to satisfy the needs of every single customer.

Hitex Carpets and rugs. We have manufactured carpets and rugs in Sweden since 1982. Our focus is custom design for the high end market. Our long experience in this field has created a high level of knowledge.

Hitex Aviation We serve the aviation industry with a comprehensive VIP carpet concept. Our airworthy custom products are manufactured at our headquarters in Sweden, using our latest technology.