Hitex Robot Handtuft AB
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We are proud to present the world’s most modern tufting equipment, the Hitex Robot Handtuft.

Our robot system for handtufted carpets is built on the best materials to achieve perfect result in carpet production. Every single detail is carefully designed, controlled and assambled by our technicians in Sweden. The very few moving parts results in low maintenance costs.

Six AC Servo motors power the movements and the tuft unit, this gives you very high accuracy and reliable running. It gives you control over every single stitch. There are all kinds of possibilities for changing of speed, cut, loop, stitch length and pile height when the robot is running. To avoid faults and errors in the tufting, the robot is equipped with two different yarn detection systems. One single detector on the needle and up to 12 individual detectors on the creel. This minimizes both unnecessary stops and repairs. The tuft robot can be used to make repairs, you can always go back in production to make a restart from any point you choose. The robot can operate for many hours without stops, depending on pattern and size of the carpet.
All design work as well as making all the tuft lines/vectors is done in a specific software. Tuft lines can be performed in any direction, angle and shape you want. There are different ways of creating the designs, the drawing can be done directly in the software, a scanner can be used, or it can be imported from another design system.
We have 28 years of experience in production with handtufting robot, and 32 years of handtufting experience. That means that we are able to provide you with outstanding support and knowledge about the technique.

Follow this link to see some reference pictures of carpets and rugs, www.hitex.se/web/?q=gallery .

Follow this link to see a video of the robot, www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoz3jp257No



•  High efficiency
•  Dynamic yarn feed
•  Dynamic cut/loop control
•  Professional support