Hitex Robot Handtuft AB
Nissavägen 5
SE-376 36 Svängsta
Tel: +46 454 337 30
Fax +46 454 322 850

History of Hitex AB

1982     Company established by Jerk Jepson & Lars Runeman

1985    First prestige carpet order for Swedish goverment. The carpet is placed at the Swedish embassy in Riyad

1985    The first robot was built

1986    First prestige carpet order for cruise ship

1987    Cooperation with Kinnasand

1989    The company was sold to Kinnasand

1991    The prototype for todays robot was made

1993    Mr. Jepson and Mr. Runeman bought the company back from Kinnasand

1993    Industrial buildings accuired

1997    Major upgrade of the robot

2001    First participation in Domotex, Hanover. Exhibitor every year since

2002    The first robot was sold to Turkey, delivered in Januari 2003

2003    First participation in ITMA, Birmingham

2003    Started cooperation with sales representative in Turkey, England/Ireland, Holland/Belgium

2004    Hitex AB founds the subsidiary Hitex Robot Handtuft AB

2005    First participation in Domotex ASIA, Shanghai. Exhibitor every year since

2005    First participation in ITMA asia, Singapore

2005    Started cooperation with sales representatives in China

2006    Jerk Jepson sells his part of the company to Lars Runeman

2007    A prototype for a new robot is built

2007    Started cooperation with sales representatives in USA

2007    First participation in FloorTek, Dalton GA

2008    Started cooperation with sales representative in Iran

2008    Release of HPR 3x2 and the HPR 4x3

2009    Release of the revolutionary dynamic yarn feed control.

2010    Release of the revolutionary dynamic cut/loop control.

2011    Prestiges order of 10 units to the worlds largest rug producer, Oriental Weavers, Egypt.       

2011   Hitex starts co-operation with German company Convenient Air GmbH for custom VIP aircraft carpet.

2012   Introduction of the Hitex EASY SPARE program to aviation industry.

2013   Introduction of the Hitex E-CONDUCT system to aviation industry.

2013   Release of Hitex Data Analyzer. Software to compile production statistics from Tuft robots.

2014   Release of Hitex Tuft CAD. First real vector based deisgn software for Robot Tufting.